North Korea’s Secret Missile Operating Bases

Published on Feb 26, 2019, Center for Strategic & International Studies

Little is known about North Korea’s Sakkanmol missile operating base. Using commercial satellite technology, CSIS has identified 13 of the approximately 20 unidentified North Korean missile operating bases. Can North Korea truly denuclearize without acknowledging their secret missile operating bases? CSIS Korea Chair Victor Cha explains.

North Korea Rice Bottle Launch

Twice a month, the current of the waters at the borders flows to North Korea. Yong-Hwa Kim who is heading North Korean Refugees Human Rights Association of Korea (탈북난민인권연합) has been launching rice bottles with bible and rice + other items. This video is the 71st launch.

Growing Concern Over Safety of North Korean Defectors

Brian Todd on The Situation Room covers the disappearance of North Korea’s envoy to Italy. Jo Song Gil, Pyongyang’s chargé d’affaires in Rome, disappeared along with his wife in early November.

NKFC Chairman Suzanne Scholte comments on the current climate for defectors and the suppression of human rights activities in Seoul.

North Korean Human Rights on the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

HRNK, PSCORE, NKFC and other North Korean human rights organizations organized a panel discussion on “North Korean Human Rights on the 70th Anniversary of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights” on October 24 at UN Headquarter, New York City. Ambassador Jonathan Cohen of USUN Mission delivered the remarks on North Korean human rights and the importance of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and special witnesses, Mr. Jung Kwang-il and Roh Hui-chang presented their experience and current situation in the political prison camp as well as North Korean overseas slave workers.  (SEE FLYER)