Save North Korean Refugees Day 2022

Dear North Korea Freedom Coalition Members and Friends:

Where in the world will you be on Friday, September 30th? 

Please consider taking part in Save North Korean Refugees Day by Mailing or Emailing a letter to Xi Jinping:  In Solidarity with the North Korean defector NGOs and South Korean human rights leaders who are organizing the 19th annual North Korea Freedom Week, Friday, September 30th has been designated as the date for our annual Save North Korea Refugees Day.  We are inviting everyone to participate that day by mailing or emailing a letter to Xi Jinping requesting that the PRC allow safe passage to the North Korean children, women and men currently being detained in Chinese detention centers for entering China illegally.  All we are asking is for China to honor its international treaty obligations and allow these refugees safe passage out of China. That is all.

Here is all you need to do to participate:

1) Find the PRC embassy or consulate that is in your jurisdiction at this link:

2) Send a letter of appeal by mail or email to Xi Jinping at that address on or before Friday, September 30th  We have several sample templates you can use at

And, if you are willing to share…

3) snap a picture or you and your letter and send via email to johnnypark (at)

Also, IF you live in a city with a PRC consulate or embassy, please consider becoming a SNKRD Coordinator.  Coordinators simply commit to delivering a letter to their embassy that day.  Right now, Johnny Park, DFF’s North Korea Human Rights Project Director and Teresa Ost, NKFC Secretary, our international coordinators, have lined up these coordinators in these cities and countries who will be delivering letters of petition that day.

(1) Australia (Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney)  – Anthony Boyle

(2) Barbados (Bridgetown) – Anna Didier

(3) Belgium (Brussels) – Joseph Jansen, Founder of Voice for Justice with Jubilee Campaign

(4) France (Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Papeete, Saint-Denis, and Strasbourg) – Denise Ost

(5) Finland (Helsinki) – Mikko Heikkonen

(6) Japan (Tokyo, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Niigata, Osaka, Sapporo, and Nagoya) – Kato Hiroshi,

Life Funds for North Korea Refugees

(7) Mexico (Mexico City and Tijuana) – Joy Ost

(8) New Zealand (Wellington, Auckland, and Christchurch) – Anthony Boyle

(9) Nicaragua (Managua) – Ms. Angel

(10) Republic of Korea (Seoul) – Kim Seong Min and the NKFW Organizers and Participants

(11) South Africa (Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg) – Atabongwoung Gallous

(12) The Netherlands (The Hague and Curacao) – Joseph Jansen, Founder of Voice for Justice with Jubilee Campaign

(13) The UK (London, Belfast, Edinburgh, and Manchester)  – Freya, CSW-UK

(14) The USA — New York Michelle Kim, Chicago Anna Yang, Washington, DC Jason West and Pastor Star Lee  

In Seoul, South Korea, there will be a protest at the PRC Embassy at 2 pm on that day, where we will be reading aloud THE LIST of all those refugees that were repatriated against their will back to North Korea to face certain torture, detention, and even execution.

Last year we had action in fourteen countries in forty-eight cities. With the border still closed and the constant belligerent rhetoric from the Kim regime, there is no reason for China to continue this brutal repatriation policy.  By participating in SNKRD, you are making clear that you are aware of the PRC’s brutality and perhaps even more important, you are letting the North Koreans know they are not forgotten  So, please consider being a part of this important day by taking action. I cannot emphasize enough what it means to the North Koreans who hear about your action on their behalf. It impacts lives. It saves lives.

Information Campaign Projects for North Koreans Fully Funded:  I am pleased to report since my last email that our three projects this month to boost the flow of information to North Koreans are fully funded.  We hope to use these three projects as a catalyst for energizing the information campaign which was being won until Kim and Moon’s measures to shut it down.

Goal Met: Twenty Messages from US Members of Congress Are Being Broadcast to North Korea on Free North Korea Radio:  We are pleased to share that we met our goal to have messages of hope and encouragement from twenty U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives broadcast to North Korea on Free North Korea Radio.  These messages are from a bipartisan group representing the entire United States of America.  We will also be sending these messages to North Korea using other methods during the course of this month.  

North Korea Freedom Week September 25-October 1, 2022: All North Koreans FREE: The 19th annual North Korea Freedom Week will kick off this Sunday in Seoul. The theme for NKFW 2022 is in Korean and English below.

김정은 정권에 의해 비롯된, 북한 주민들의 노예적 삶을 멈추게 하고,
No more Korean slaves of the Kim Regime

정치범 수용소의 불법 운용을 멈추게 하고,
No more political prisoners,

이산가족들의 고통을 멈추게 하고,
No more separated families,

김정은의 독재 통치를 끝장낼 수 있도록
No more Kim Jong Un dictatorship

자유로운 모든 한국인: 우리가 나서고, 탈북자들의 길을 열어주자.
All Koreans Free: Let Us Lead the Way

As previously reported, we will be emphasizing the importance of the information campaign and there will be events every day throughout the week hosted by the steering committee members who include all the major North Korean human rights advocates and North Korean defector leaders in South Korea. We have 19 members of the US delegation who will be participating in activities that week.  If anyone who is interested in being part of the U.S. delegation for some or all of the week and has not yet contacted me, let me know as we are providing regular updates to all who will be in Seoul for NKFW 2022.

Acta Non Verba,