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–Sept 22, 2014: Save North Korean Refugees Day 2014. Thank you to all those who joined us at the U.S. State Department in Chinatown, Washington, D.C. to highlight the increasingly horrific situation North Koreans face in their attempt to escape to freedom in South Korea and other countries. To read the Report click here. For the Press Release, click here.

–March 25, 2014:  A special thank you to Governor Kim Moon Soo of the Gyeonggi Province, South Korea for visiting the Coalition during our meeting on Mar 25, 2014. He gave us inspiring words regarding the importance of continuing to work for human rights in North Korea, citing his own experience as a prisoner when he was a young student activist.

December 10, 2013:  The petition calling on China to stop the forced repatriation of North Koreans was delivered to the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. on Dec 10, 2013, Human Rights Day with over 8,000 signatures.  We continue to make the petition available for additional signatures with delivery to the Chinese Embassy to be announced.

Read the Dec 10 press release highlighting six victims from THE LIST.
View video footage containing personal testimonies from those who escaped North Korea.   
View CNN’s heartbreaking story
 of the 9 North Korean orphans forcibly repatriated in May 2013.

April 28 – May 6, 2013:  10th Annual North Korea Freedom Week.  To view the report, photos, and articles about North Korea Freedom Week 2013, click here.

–February 15, 2013:  Dr. Suzanne Scholte was awarded the Order of Diplomatic Service Merit Sungnye Medal. The Order of Diplomatic Service Merit Sungnye Medal carries with it an appreciation for Dr. Scholte’s career as a human rights crusader. It honors her service. It was presented to her as an expression of friendship, admiration, and gratitude from the Korean people. Click here to read the ceremony remarks of Ambassador Y.J. Cho and Dr. Suzanne Scholte and to view photos.

–February 2013:  Send a Gospel Message Broadcast into North Korea: Find out how your church can sponsor a gospel message broadcast into North Korea through Free North Korea Radio, an award winning Seoul based radio station staffed by North Korean refugees broadcasting news and information into North Korea. The sponsorship program is led by the Defense Forum FoundationClick here for more info in Korean and English.

–February 2013:  Read New Year messages from members of Congress which were broadcast into North Korea through Free North Korea Radio in Feb 2013.

–February 8, 2013: Special Screening of 48M by Congressman Frank R. Wolf and Congressman Rob Wittman. Read the article published in the Christianity Daily (Korean and English).

–January 28, 2013: North Korea in the Dark, an op-ed written by Benedict Rogers and published in the New York Times on Jan 28, 2013.

–January 14, 2013: The North Korean Child Welfare Act of 2012 (H.R. 1464) was enacted. Click here to read the text.

–September 22, 2012:  Report on the International Protest to Save North Korean Refugees held on September 22, 2012. Click here to download the report.

— July 22, 2012: Vigils at the White House & Chinese Embassy on Tues, July 10 and Capitol Hill Rally on Wed, July 11 at 12 noon. Read more here.

–April 2012: To read about our 9th Annual North Korea Freedom Week held in South Korea, click here.

–March 20, 2012: Events to Save North Korean Refugees, including weblinks to media news coverage of events. Click here to read the report. View letters delivered to Pres. ObamaPres. LeePres. Hu Jintao, and Ban Ki Moon.  Symbolic Coffin Outside the White House. Dramatic plea to President Obama on the eve of his trip to Korea to intervene with President Hu to save North Korean Refugees.(Press Release)

–February 13, 2012: Coalition requests Obama and Biden to call upon China to stop repatriation of North Korean Refugees during talks with the China’s Vice President Xl Jinpiing (View Press Release)

–September 22, 2011: International Protest to Save North Korean Refugees held on Sept 22, 2011. Activities occurred in 13 countries and 24 cities! To download the flyer, click here.  For more info, to download documents, and to read Congressional Testimonies from September 20, click here.

–April 2011: 8th Annual North Korea Freedom Week (April 24-30, 2011) in Seoul South Korea (View Report & Acknowledgements)

–January 19, 2011: Candlelight Vigil at the White House during President Hu’s visit with President Obama

November 30, 2010: Fighters for a Free North Korea launched balloons from the DMZ in South Korea. They  carried 200,000 leaflets, 500 DVDs, and 1000 $1.00 bills to North Korea. (Yonhap News article, Korean text)

11.30.2010 Balloon Launch. Photo from Yonhap News  


October 2010: Dr. Suzanne Scholte’s eulogy at Hwang Jang-yop’s funeral. Hwang was the highest ranking North Korean to defect to South Korea. Scholte hosted Hwang’s visit to Washington, D.C. in 2003, at which time he testified before Congress.  (View Video)

–October 10, 2010: Balloon Launch on the 65th anniversary of North Korea’s Workers’ Party. Kim Jong Un also made his public debut on this day at a lavish parade in North Korea. (Chosunilbo article) (Associated Press article)

–September 23, 2010: NKFC’s Second Annual Save North Korean Refugees Day, Washington, D.C., included Protest Rally at the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. (View video) and a Hearing of the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission: Escaping North Korea – The Plight of Defectors: (View Witness Testimonies) (Korea Times DC article).

August 11, 2010: NKFC Sends Letter to the National D-Day Memorial Foundation requesting removal of the statue of Stalin (View Letter)

–July 2010: Korean Church Coalition for North Korea Freedom holds events in Washington, D.C. (KCC)

–June 10, 2010: Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s Third Annual Commemoration. We joined Dr. Lee Edwards and the representatives of many nations to remember the 100 million victims of communism by laying a wreath on behalf of the people of North Korea at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s third annual commemoration.  While there were countries represented like the Czech Republic and Poland that are now free, we must remember and fight to help those people who still live under this tyranny. As we laid the wreath for the North Korean people to remember those millions killed by Kim Il Song and Kim Jong-il, we wore yellow and blue ribbons for the South Koreans and the Japanese who have been abducted by this regime and a black ribbon for the South Korean sailors, among the most recent victims of Kim’s tyranny. (View Foundation’s website)

–June 2010: Appointment of the new U.N. Special Rapporteur for NK human rights is Marzuki Darusman of Indonesia (View Yonhap News article)

–April 2010: To read about our 7th Annual North Korea Freedom Week.  (View Report & Acknowledgements) This was the first year to hold NKFW in Seoul, South Korea.

–March 30, 2010: Protest at the Chinese Embassy to Save North Korean Refugees (3505 International Place, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20008.), led by the Pyongyang Musical Group to protest against China’s violent treatment of North Korean refugees.  The Pyongyang Musical Group is a visiting group of North Korean defectors who have been performing in the USA at churches to raise awareness of the North Korean human rights issues. Most of them escaped to freedom through China and they want to continue to raise awareness of the suffering that refugees undergo especially female refugees.

March 2010: PSCORE: North Koreans Life: inside and out: Georgetown University (PSCORE website)

February 2010: Free North Korea Radio Interviews of North Korean citizens: Voices from Inside-Voice of the People (View transcript)

January 27, 2010: New York Times : Books of the Times (View article)

–December 30, 2009: Press Release: North Korea Freedom Coalition Appeals for Humanitarian Consideration for American Robert Park (View press release)

-December 10, 2009: Kim Seung Min, founder of Free North Korea Radio, wins the 2009 Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award (View article)

–December 9, 2009: NKFC Sends Letter to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon (View letter)
Candlelight Prayer Vigil for North Korea at International Calvary Church, Springfield, Virginia

–April 2009: North Korea Freedom Week 2009 (View Report & Acknowledgements)

–April 28, 2004: First North Korea Freedom Day, Washington, D.C.: Photos