Urging Action for Human Rights in North Korea

A Call to Support Crucial Legislation

In the face of daily hardships and human rights abuses, the people of North Korea persist. Yet, their struggle often remains unheard on the global stage. As we sit comfortably in our homes, we must remember our responsibility to use our freedoms to give voice to the voiceless.

This summer, we are partnering with the Korean Church Coalition (KCC) to urge Congress to take action on important legislation regarding human rights and freedom in North Korea. These bipartisan bills and resolutions, introduced in both the Senate and House of Representatives, are aimed at alleviating the suffering of North Koreans and holding the Kim regime accountable for ongoing crimes against humanity.

Please join us in supporting the passage of these bills by signing our petition. The petition will be delivered to all members of Congress in mid-July by members of the Korean Church Coalition (KCC) during their annual visit to the nation’s capital who will be joined by members of the North Korea Freedom Coalition.