Action items for North Korea’s Freedom and Human Rights and A Word about the South Korea’s Elections

Join Special Programs Broadcast to North Korea Letters from America or Free North Korea Radio Brings Your Friends of the World

There are several programs we produce that are broadcast to North Korea specifically so that North Koreans will know that we are not their enemy as they are brainwashed from childhood to believe and to increase their knowledge of the concepts of independent civil society, democracy and human rights.  These programs include Letters from America, New Years Greetings and Korean Liberation Day Messages from Member of the US Congress, and Coming to America interviews with North Koreans who have either resettled or visited America.  Our newest program is Free North Korea Brings Your Friends of the World, in which interviews are done with people from around the world who care deeply for the people of North Korea.  Here is how you can participate in one of these programs:
If you are an American citizen, you can send a letter to North Koreans expressing what you would want to say to them if you got the chance to be with them in person.  You would be joining these American leaders who have already participated in Free North Korea Radio’s program by sending New Year’s Greetings and Liberation Day messages: Senators James Risch of Idaho, Robert Menendez of New Jersey, Marco Rubio of Florida, Edward Markey of Massachusetts, Ted Cruz of Texas, and John Barrasso of Wyoming; Representatives Chris Smith of New Jersey, Dina Titus of Nevada, Steve Chabot of Ohio, Ted Yoho of Florida, Alan Lowenthal of California, Robert Wittman of Virginia, Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Ron Wright of Texas, Doug Lamborn of Colorado, Gus Bilirakis of Florida, Robert Aderholt of Alabama and Joe Wilson of South Carolina.

To participate, simply send your letter to Suzanne (at) with subject line: “Letter from America”.

If you are not an American citizen, you can be interviewed for Free North Korea Radio Brings You Your Friends of the World.  You would be joining these distinguished folks who helped North Koreans understand about their countries, how they are governed, and why they know so much about North Korea: Justice Michael Kirby of Australia; Dr. Jones Chamangwana of Malawi; Lord David Alton of the United Kingdom; Tomas Quintana of Argentina; and Dr. Eduardo Murillo of Chile.  
If you are interested in being interviewed so that North Koreans can learn more about your nation and why you care about them, simply let me know and I will follow up with questions.
Thank you for considering these three important action items!

Finally, I want to close with a word about the South Korean elections: As many of you have heard former North Korean diplomat, Thae Young Ho, has been elected to serve in the Korean Assembly, the first defector to win a seat by election rather than through proportional representation.  North Korean defector Ji Seong Ho will also serve in the Assembly as a proportional representative. 
While Thae was elected from a conservative district, the significance of his victory is that South Koreans voted for him overwhelmingly as he achieved 58.4% of the vote! I have always believed that those who have lived under tyranny understand better the cherished values of democracy and human rights and thus I believe Thae will be a wonderful advocate for South Korea’s Republic and also his election will amplify the voices of those concerned about the North Korean people – those in the South AND of course in the North.

Also very important is this: imagine what his election will mean to people in North Korea especially those who serve the Kim regime who wonder if there is any life for them should the regime collapse.  This clearly shows they could have a future in a unified Korea if they stop supporting a regime that is committing crimes against humanity every day.
Our challenge now is to make sure that the voices of the suffering people of North Korea are heard because the victory by the party of President Moon Jae In picking up more seats in the Assembly means that tragically the government of South Korea will be working even harder to silence the voices of North Korean defectors and will intentionally ignore the human rights atrocities being committed by the Kim regime.  
So, our work is to be ever more vigilant.