15th North Korea Freedom Week 2018 Press Release

15th North Korea Freedom Week 2018 (April 28~May 5)


‘North Korea Freedom Week’ is co-organized by NGOs in South Korea as well as international community to promote the freedom and human rights of North Korean people, which is held in the last week of April.

The events of North Korea Freedom Week focus on raising awareness on dire human rights situation that North Korean people face every day, and open to the public so that anyone can join.

The 15th North Korea Freedom Week is organized by the Honorary Chairman Suzanne Scholte of North Korea Freedom Coalition, and the representatives of North Korean defector NGOs and civil society leaders cooperate to form the Organizing Committee.

The theme of the 15th North Korea Freedom Week is “Truth Will Set Them Free”, and aims to achieve following goals:

1) To highlight the North Korean defectors’ actions to bring the freedom to North Korea (including balloon launch, sending PET bottles with rice)
2) To save North Korean refugees in China and call for the Chinese government to stop repatriating North Korean refugees
3) To introduce the education program for North Korean defector children
4) To expose the ongoing human rights violation of political prison and human trafficking, and find the solution

Organization Committee:

Honorary Chairman: Suzanne Scholte, North Korea Freedom Coalition
Co-Chairman: Kim Tae-hoon, esq., Lawyers for HR and Unification of Korea
Pastor Lim Chang-ho, Koshin University
Lee Mi-il (Korean War Abductees’ Family Union)
Park Sang-hak (Alliance of NK Defector Organizations for NKHR)
Professor Nishioka Tsutomu (Tokyo Christian University)

Organization Committee Chairman: Kim Seong-min (Free North Korea Radio)

Organization Committee Co-Representative:

Pastor Kang Chul-ho (Saetu Church)
Kim Heung-kwang (NK Intellectuals’ Solidarity)
Huh Kwang-il (Committee for the Democratization of North Korea)
Jang Se-yul (Gyereol United)
Choi Jeong-hun (North Korean People’s Liberation Front)

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