Save North Koreans Day 2016 Report

Worldwide Call to Xi Jinping:

Stop Repatriating North Korean Refugees and Work for Peaceful Unification

Organized by the North Korea Freedom Coalition

Report prepared by Nicole Martin 

On Friday, September 23, the North Korea Freedom Coalition, joined by hundreds of activists and non-governmental organization leaders in 24 cities, organized the annual Save North Koreans Day to call upon Xi Jinping, President of the People’s Republic of China, with two specific requests: stop repatriating North Koreans to face torture, imprisonment and execution and work with South Korea to bring about peaceful unification by ending China’s support for Kim Jong Un.  Activists delivered petitions to Chinese embassies and consulates worldwide and many organized additional events from vigils to demonstrations.    The following is a report on actions taken worldwide.

Above: Banner above used at Washington D.C. Protest

In September UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon stated he has never seen tensions as high on the Korean peninsula as now. With North Korea’s repeated missile tests, South Korea’s decision to deploy THAAD, and the ongoing reign of terror in North Korea, it is increasingly clear that peace and a nuclear free Korean peninsula can only be achieved when the Kim Jong Un regime is gone.

 “The ongoing defections of North Koreans ranging from high ranking officials to restaurant workers is an indication of just how much the people of North Korea are suffering,” said Suzanne Scholte, Chair of Save North Koreans Day.  “All we are asking is that China abide by its international treaty obligations and end its brutal repatriation policy and stop aiding and abetting the crimes against humanity that the Kim regime is committing.” 

Petition deliveries occurred in cities throughout the world including: Albania (Tirana), Canada (Toronto, Ottawa), Finland (Helsinki), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt A.M., Hamburg, Munich), Mexico (Mexico City), Netherlands (The Hague), New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington), Peru (Lima), Republic of Korea (Seoul), South Africa (Pretoria), United Kingdom (London), United States of America (Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Washington. D.C.). Some cities such as London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seoul, San Francisco, Washington. D.C. and Mexico City also planned additional activities from demonstrations to vigils to releasing new reports on the suffering in North Korea.

On the following pages, you can see reports and photographs showing some of the individuals and organizations that participated in Save North Korean Refugees Day. We thank everyone who was involved on this special day, and we want to especially thank all the coordinators who delivered the petition for Xi Jinping.

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