Public Members

Executive Committee
Dr. Suzanne Scholte, Chairwoman
Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Vice Chairman
Peter Kang, Vice Chairman
Jason West, Esq., Vice Chairman
Louise Van Horne, Legislative Chair
Ann Buwulda, Treasurer
Teresa Ost, Secretary
Sue Logan, Administrator

Hwang Jang-Yop (2003-2010), Chuck Downs, Yoshikuni Yamamoto, Mariam Bell, Jane Yang, Lawrence Peck

Public Member Organizations
American Anti-Slavery Group
Awareness Respect Compassion (ARC)
China-e Lobby
Christian Solidarity International
Christian Solidarity Worldwide-USA
Citizen’s Coalition for Human Rights of Abductees & North Korean Refugees
Coalitions for America
Coalitions for America Coalition for North Korea Women’s Rights*
Commission to Help North Korean Refugees
Committee for the Rescue of Korean War POWs
Council for Human Rights in North Korea
Defense Forum Foundation
Emancipate North Koreans (ENoK)
Exile Committee for North Korean Democracy*
Fighters for a Free North Korea*
Freedom for North Korea Refugees of Minnesota
Freedom Society of America
Free North Korea Radio*
Free the North Korean Gulag*
Genocide Watch
Georgetown University THiNK (Truth and Human Rights in North Korea)
GW THiNK (Truth and Human Rights in North Korea)
Helping Hands Korea
Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
Human Rights Coalition-USA
Human Rights Without Frontiers 
Institute on Religion and Democracy
Institute on Religion and Public Policy
International Korean War Memorial Foundation
Jubilee Campaign USA
Korean-American Freedom Fighters Movement
Korean Congress for North Korean Human Rights
Korean Dream
Korean Freedom Council (KFC)
Korean Freedom Democracy League of America
Korean War Abductees Family Union
Korean War POW Affairs
Leadership Council for Human Rights
Life Funds for North Korean Refugees
National Association for the Rescue of Japanese Kidnapped by North Korea
National Council for Freedom and Democracy
North Korea Network
North Korean Refugees in the United States (NKinUSA)*
New York Commission to Help North Korean Refugees
North American Religious Liberty Association
Open Doors USA
Religious Freedom Coalition
Salvation Army, U.S.A.
Save North Korea
Schindler’s Ark
Simon Wiesenthal Center
Southern Baptist Convention, ERLC
Southern Democratic Alliance (Japan)
The Israeli Jewish Committee Against the Gas Chambers in North Korea
THiNK (There is Hope in North Korea)
The Wilberforce Forum
United For North Korean Freedom
Women4NonViolence in Peace + Conflict Zone
318 Partners
*organizations of North Korean defectors

Why Get Involved?

An estimated 3 million North Koreans have perished under North Korea’s brutal dictatorial regime since the mid-1990s. Families continue to starve to death as the North Korean government withholds food rations to entire regions of the nation. The government arbitrarily detains, tortures, and executes its citizens, including children, in a large network of prison/labor camps. Hundreds of thousands of North Koreans have fled to China to survive, however they live in fear of forced repatriation, imprisonment, and possible execution after repatriation. Children whose parents have died or been separated from them wander the streets in search of food and protection. We must act now to bring relief!…

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