• Ways You Can Get Involved

Ways You Can Get Involved

H.R. 1771 - Contact Your Senators Now:  The North Korea Sanctions Enforcement Act of 2013 (H.R. 1771) was introduced in the House of Representatives on April 26, 2013 by Congressman Edward Royce of California. Currently, the bill has 145 co-sponsors in the House. A summary of H.R. 1771 is available here. To view the full text, click here.

We urge you to request support for House Resolution 1771 now. This bipartisan legislation would impose tough, targeted financial sanctions on North Korean leaders who are responsible for crimes against humanity and would significantly decrease North Korea's profoundly egregious human rights abuses. These powerful financial sanctions are similar to those that were effective against Kim Jong Il, before they were prematurely lifted. Similar sanctions have also imposed effective pressure on Iran, Burma, and Sudan. The legislation takes up the Call to Action of the United Nations Commission of Inquiry, which published its detailed findings on Feb 7, 2014. A summary of the COI report is available here.

H.R. 1771 currently has 145 bipartisan co-sponsors in the House and is expected to be voted on in the full House in July. You can find a list of co-sponsors here. Is your Representative listed? Please ask your Representative to vote in favor of the bill. We also urgently need your help encouraging members of the Senate to introduce and sponsor this bill. Feel free to use the text from this sample letter to contact both your Senator and Representative. Your elected officials will receive your letter quickest by sending it through the Contact Form found at his or her individual website, or by sending it through e-mail. You can access individual Senator websites here, and individual Representative websites here, or simply perform an internet search of your elected official's website by his or her name. If your elected official is already a co-sponsor of the bill, please take time to thank him/her for supporting the bill.

Attention Americans: Please Send a Letter from America to be broadcast into North Korea
These letters expressing our hopes and dreams for the people of North Korea are a powerful way to introduce to the North Koreans to what Americans are really like.  Please send a message from you to North Koreans (you only need to include your first name and city and state).  The letter will be read, translated, and broadcast into North Korea by the defectors run radio station, Free North Korea Radio.  Please send your letters via email to skswm@aol.com, and note in subject area "Letters from America".

Financial Support Needed: Please consider a tax-deductible gift for these U.S. based non-profit organizations working for North Korea human rights:

Sponsoring North Korea Defectors Resettlement in the United States: Helping Angels for North Korea Refugees, contact Pastor Heemoon Lee: heemoonlee@hotmail.com

Publishing Research and Focusing Attention on Human Rights in North Korea: The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea: http://www.hrnk.org/

Send a Gospel Message Broadcast into North Korea: Find out how your church can sponsor a gospel message broadcast into North Korea through Free North Korea Radio, an award winning Seoul based radio station staffed by North Korean refugees broadcasting news and information into North Korea. The sponsorship program is led by the Defense Forum Foundation. Click here for more info in Korean and English.