SNKR Day 2016 Country and City Reports

Tirana, Albania

Bled Hodobashi delivered the letter below to the Chinese Embassy in Tirana, Albania. Below is the picture of the letter he delivered successfully. 

Toronto, Canada

Kyung B Lee of the Council for Human Rights in North Korea delivered the petition to the Chinese consulate in Toronto.   Lee joined by Mr. Ha had recently concluded a 400km Unification Walk from Toronto to Ottawa to make appeals to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for Canada to pass a North Korea human rights act in the Canadian Parliament.

Ottawa, Canada

Alain Dione of the Council for Human Rights in North Korea successfully delivered the petition to the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa.


Helsinki, Finland

Mikko Heikkonen delivered the Petition to the Chinese Embassy in Helsinki and took a selfie!


Paris, France

Pierre Rigoulet and Robert Peppin of the French Committee to Help the North Korean People delivered the Petition to the Chinese Embassy in Paris.

Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany

Markus Martin ensured that the petition was received at the Chinese Embassy in Berlin and at the Chinese Consulate in Frankfurt. 

Dusseldorf, Germany

Two volunteers in Germany delivered the petition to the Chinese Consulate in Dusseldorf. Due to their work they have to stay anonymous, but it is really encouraging to see what great risk people are taking to help those who are in need.

Hamburg, Germany 

Jost Funk successfully delivered the petition to the Chinese Consulate in Hamburg. 

Munich, Germany 

Thomas Bathel successfully delivered the petition to the Chinese Consulate in Munich.

Mexico City, Mexico

Teresa Ost, of the North Korea Freedom Coalition in Mexico, not only delivered the petition to the Chinese Embassy in Mexico City, but also released 100 helium balloons which included the names of those North Koreans who had disappeared in China.  Using a megaphone, NKFC-Mexico members also read names from THE LIST of those North Koreans arrested in China aloud as examples of innocent people who had been forcefully repatriated.  Both Yonhap News and the Mexican newspaper “Reforma”covered the events in Mexico.  

Nathaniel Ost, 2 years of age, was likely the youngest Save North Koreans Day participant!   In their special outreach to the Spanish speaking world, NKFC Mexicoalso collected hundreds of signatures from 16 countries including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, England, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Spain, United States, and Venezuela.

Mexico City: Petition Delivery, Demonstration and Nathaniel Ost holding balloons for the launch. 

The Hague, Netherlands

Arienne Moser of the Jubilee Campaign once again helped in the Netherlands successfully ensuring that the petition to Xi Jinping was received by the Chinese Embassy in Hague.

Auckland, New Zealand 

Antony Bridle was the city coordinator for Auckland, New Zealand and attempted delivery to the Chinese embassy but was turned away.   Although Antony did not succeed delivering the Petition, we are really thankful that he tried to help and hope he inspired more to get involved in New Zealand!

Wellington, New Zealand

Although Steve A. made some jokes that something might happen to him, he straight away agreed to deliver the petition to the Chinese Embassy in Wellington.   The following photo is from successful delivery in Wellington.


Lima, Peru

Hans Gölz and his daughter delivered the letter to the Chinese Embassy in Tirana. They arrived during the lunch-break, so had to wait for a while, before they were able to actually deliver the petition. Hans felt good to help for something so meaningful. His daughter felt the same way and said: “You feel joy in your heart, when you are able to be part of something good. This way we didn’t just help, we were given a nice present.”


Seoul, Republic of Korea

Kim Seong Min, director of the Free North Korea Radio, Lee So-Yeon and Members of New Korea Women's Alliance and Hannah Cole of the Defense Forum Foundation delivered the letter in Seoul to the Embassy of China. They were honored to help with this delivery.  The following photos are from Seoul.

Pretoria, South Africa 

The first petition to be delivered on Save North Koreans Day was by Atabongwoung (Ata) Gallous and Mr. Tim in Pretoria, South Africa, despite a lot of difficulties. After explaining and presenting their IDs at security, they were scanned and then went through detector machines in the Chinese embassy. They were told to not take any photos. When they entered the embassy, they went to the counter and said that they had an appeal letter addressed to the PRC President. A Chinese officer took the letter and after reading it a few seconds the officer said they must go and send it by post. Ata said: “No. We are supposed to deliver it in person. That is why we came to the Embassy!” They said the letter must be delivered to the Chinese Ambassador and the President.  Finally, a lady came and took the petition. After asking if they could get a photo, they were told “NO” and sent away.

It was very meaningful that the first petition was delivered in Pretoria, South Africa, because the persecuted people of South Africa probably never believed that Apartheid would ever end in South Africa - but it did. The North Korean People believe that the Kim regime will never end - but it will.   As Ata commented: If Apartheid can end, I confidently believe the Kim regime will end... 


London, United Kingdom 

Ben Rogers and CSW-UK not only delivered a petition to the PRC embassy in London that day but also released their latest report Total Denial: Violations of Freedom of Religion or Belief in North Korea on Save North Koreans Day.   The full report can be seen here:

CSW-UK Released their latest report on religious persecution
in North Korea on Save North Koreans Day.

Chicago, United States of America 

Sunghan Kim, Advisor for the National Unification Advisory Council and Chair of the North Korean Human Rights Committee (Chicago) successfully delivered the letter to the Chinese Consulate General in Chicago. It was delivered under the name of the North Korea Freedom Network.  Kim also organized a major demonstration in Chicago in front of the Wrigley Building on behalf of the refugees which was featured on the evening news in Chicago.



Houston, United States of America 

Erik Kim and Gail Bielitz and others delivered the petition to the Chinese consulate in Houston.


Los Angeles, United States of America 

Dr. Paul K. Jhin and the North Korean Associates in the USA delivered the Petition to the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles and also held a demonstration that was featured on the evening news.

New York City, United States of America

Sharon Stratton of the North Korea Strategy Center was joined by a representative of the Human Rights Foundation and Zeba Gill of Global Christian Voice to successfully deliver their appeal to the Chinese Consulate in New York City.  NKSC also participated in an event on Information Flow into North Korea organized by the State Department and held in New York City on that same day.


San Francisco, United States of America 

Pastor Wally and Christians Crisis delivered the Petition to the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco. They also coordinated a peaceful rally in front of the Chinese Consulate on behalf of the oppressed people of North Korea. This was a partnership effort between Christians in Crisis Ministry (CIC) and the NKFC. They also collected more signatures for the Appeal Letter for a greater impact.  Pastor Wally, who had been imprisoned for his faith, wrote: “I am indebted to all who prayed, advocated, and appealed for my life and to our loving God.”  He said speaking out on behalf of the suffering people of North Korea was “payback time” for him.

Washington. D.C., United States of America

In Washington, D.C., the North Korea Freedom Coalition organized a petition delivery that was successfully accomplished followed by a peaceful march and demonstration and a candlelight vigil.   George Washington THiNK helped design new signs reflecting the themes for this year’s Save North Koreans Day.  Speakers at the protest includedPeter Kang of the Korea Freedom Alliance and Dr. Jai Poong Ryu of the One Korea Foundation.  NKFC was very grateful to be joined by William Hwang and Steve Lee in their individual capacity as their participation drew many in support from the National Unification Advisory Council.

A comment from Nicole Martin, this report’s author: The 3rd of October is the National Day of Germany to celebrate its reunification 16 years ago. Berlin was divided by a wall and two different political systems existed.   Nobody thought this would ever end. Families thought they would never be able to see each other again. I am a German and I remember my father telling me, that when he and his friends heard that the wall is open – that you can go to the “east” now – they thought it was a joke. They didn’t believe it.  This separation was within one country. North Korea and South Korea are now two separate countries. But South Korea is ready for reunification. One day it will be reunited. But until that day, we have to fight for the rights of those who can’t help themselves. Just as the allied forces helped Germany in it hardest times, we must now stand together and fight for North Korea—Nicole Martin.

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