Total Lack of Protection for North Korean Women and Girls

Please join us on March 15 in New York City for an event focusing on the plight of North Korean women. Two North Korean defectors will speak about their lives in and escape from North Korea and China. Our two witnesses lived in rural North Korea and China and will speak to the priority theme of the 63rd Session of the UN Comission on the Status of Women. In addition, Ann Buwalda of Jubilee Campaign and Greg Scarlatoiu of the Committee for Human Rights in North Korea will join us for a brief discussion on international human rights and policy recommendations.E

Ms. Park (Alias)

Ms. Park will testify about the realities of prosecutors’ violence towards women, including a woman’s death case, security agents’ drug abuse and rapes perpetrated by them, and the realities of forced abortions of pregnant women who were repatriated to North Korea.

Kim Hye-Sook

Kim Hye-sook was born in November 2, 1962 in Moranbong District of Pyongyang, and was raised in Dongdaewon District from the age of three by her grandmother. On October 28, 1970, without knowing the reason, all of her family members were sent to the political prison camp No.18 located at Bukchang, South Pyongahn Province. Kim worked as a coal miner from August 1978 until the end of September 1990.  During that time, her mother died in 1979, her grandmother died in 1984, and her brother died in1985.  She also lost her husband in April 2001 to an accident in the prison camps.  She was separated from her children during flooding in North Korea in 2003 and never heard from them again. In August of 2005, she was sold by a North Korean border guard to a restaurant in Yenji, China, where she worked until 2007 when she was arrested by Chinese Security Agents and repatriated. Kim was once again, incarcerated in political prison camp No.18 at Bukchang but managed to escape later. She crossed the border in June 2008 and made her way to South Korea through Laos and Thailand in April 2009. Because of her work at the coal mine, Kim was diagnosed with chronic obstructive lung disease and pulmonary hypertension. She is the longest survivor of a North Korean political prison camp and despite her poor health, she has been actively working to expose the political prison camps in North Korea

Author: nkfreedom_qkfi7a